15 April 2008

Announcing...the 2008...Austin City Limits...Music Festival Lineup

The line-up for ACL was released today. And while there aren't as many Holy Crap! THEY'RE Coming? moments as previous years, I'm still pretty pumped. Here's my top 10 most anticipated acts:

1) The Swell Season

2) Foo Fighters

3) Mates of State

4) Jenny Lewis

5) N*E*R*D

6) Stars

7) Beck

8) Vampire Weekend

9) CSS

10) Gogol Bordello

and my most worried-about acts:
1) John Fogerty
2) Robert Plant & Allison Krauss
3) David Byrne
4) The Mars Volta
5) Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band

The reason I'm worried about the above acts is my supreme disappointment stemming from Bob Dylan's set last year. Will the lead singers of such seminal bands from the '70s be too old now? Will the experimental rockers from El Paso be all style and no substance? And will the notoriously obnoxious, constantly reinventing Conor Oberst be calm enough to put on a good show?

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