01 May 2008

In Defense of Miley

There's been much controversy as of late over this. But I have to say, it's not the least bit shocking. Herewith: 5 reasons why this isn't the end of the world some fans' parents are making it out to be.

1) I really don't think Ms. Cyrus set out to be a role model, only an entertainer. Just because she's not a total failure at life like her peers Britney, Lindsay, and Britney's sis Jamie Lynn, doesn't make her a role model. Just because someone finishes their first year of college without getting smashed or high, doesn't make them the gold standard; it just means that the bar is really, really low to begin with.

2) The photographer was the great Annie Leibowitz, not some sleazy Maxim photographer or her boyfriend (yep, that was a shot at you, Vanessa Hudgens). It's in an artistic, stylish setting, not a dingy basement. I highly doubt Ms. Leibowitz's intention was to create some suggestive, pornographic, or detrimental image.

3) Her parents were present on the set. It's not like she was "roped into this" or anything. Billy Ray Cyrus may not be talented, but he's neither a moron nor a bad father. I don't think he turned a blind eye to a photo shoot he thought was provocative.

4) No one's golden anymore, especially in Hollywood. No one's perfect, anywhere. So for parents to get all upset that their child's idol has done something BIG that they disapprove isn't her fault. The Jonas Brothers have stated they'll remain celibate until marriage, but would I be floored if one of them got his respective girlfriend present? Not in the least. Maybe the parents should, you know, get their kids to idolize someone, like, real. OMG. :X

5) What parents really should be upset about is that these photos are no more salacious than what THEIR tween/teen is posting on their MySpaces and Facebooks. Some of Miley's clothing choices have been questionable in the past. I don't know any good parent that would let their daughter dress in some of the ways she has, so this isn't the huge, unprecedented catastrophe it's being made out to be. Be aware, adults. Is that too much to ask?

So, Miley, continue to make your hundred of millions of dollars. Let the parents get irate. Let the controversy brew. This too will pass. Just don't play dumb, OK?

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