13 September 2008

Week in Review (09-12-08)

This is a new feature on the blog. Kind of a rundown of what's gone on this week in pop culture and what I thought about it:

Brady out for the season
For those of us who still think he's a douchebag, this is sweet justice. Sort of.

Russell Brand/VMAs backlash
How can someone so funny here, be so horrendously unfunny at the awards? We may never know. Personally, I have no problems picking on the Jonas Brothers. But go after them for being talentless, not abstinent. And even though I didn't watch the whole thing, I got enough of it to know it was simply two hours of pro-Britney propaganda.

Michael Caine misleads the public about 'Dark Knight' sequel casting
If Nolan isn't signed, no one else is. Geez. All the rumors just need to die.

New iPod Nanos released
I want one. Period.

'Disturbia' getting sued
Really? Shouldn't this have been done last year? When the film came out? Before it made lots of money? Oh right, no one ever sues anyone who has no money.

Kanye releases "Love Lockdown" on his blog
New direction or not, this is just dreadful. The Auto-Tune is not your friend, Kanye. You don't know how mad this makes me. You're better than Akon, T-Pain, and Sean Kingston. What are you DOING?!

Kanye arrested
Sure he's got an ego, but everyone at TMZ is a jerk. So I guess I'll side with someone who does something for a living?

Liberace biopic planned
Who asked for this? Was it you? Was it Michael Douglas? If they do this, they better mention that awesome 'Batman' two-parter where he plays a pianist who seduces the women of Gotham (snicker) AND his evil twin brother Harry (guffaw).

'The Women' remake released
Why why why? You just don't mess with a classic, holmes.

My McConaughey interview runs
Produceorial duties are tough, man.

I discover kitchenpundit.com
My life is complete

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